Gamma Blast Ilias Giouroukis 2018

Blast your way through several enemy waves. Strike at enemy formations prioritizing targets depending on the situation. Rip them to pieces using an arsenal of powerful and versatile weapons. Focus and put your reflexes to the test dodging a fire storm of enemy projectiles. Destroy challenging Bosses to achieve victory. Primary Weapon Types: Plasma Spread Fire, Vulcan, Laser Lance. Core Weapon Types: Laser Beam; Phaser Beam (can pass through and hit multiple enemies in a row. When it's charged it delivers double damage and can also pass through any obstacle; Gamma Lightning. Missile Types: Dumbfire Missiles(starting weapon); Seeking Missiles; Assault Missiles; Frag Missiles. Push the 'Fire' button to Fire all Weapons. Hold the 'Fire' button for charged Core Weapon Fire. Hold the 'FreeAim' button and move the spaceship to aim toward the direction the spaceship is moving. Release the 'FreeAim' button to Lock the Core Weapon Fire direction. Hold the 'Focus' button to reduce the spaceship movement speed. This is useful for dodging enemy bullets in certain situations. The only vulnerable spot of the player spaceship is the green core.
Download: None currently available

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