Asteroid Girl BTNcafe 2018

The little asteroid girl wants to conquer the whole universe. To do so, she needs the power of the planets in her universe. She wants to destroy the boss of each stage, and get the ring which fires special bullets. Then she'll use those bullets to conquer the whole universe, including ours. Help the asteroid girl conquer the universe. It's a planet shooting game which all the characters are cute planets. If you are interested in arcade style flying shooting games, you may also like this. Features: Authentic arcade style side-scroller shooter; 4 stages, 4 bosses and lots of cute enemy planets; 4 types of bullets; The interia effect is applied to your control; Ranking system to compete with others; Multiplayer is not available. Characters: Asteroid Girl - Hahaha! Hi! I'm an asteroid. I live in a different universe than you. In my universe, all the planets look like you humans. My dream is to conquer the whole universe, including yours; Blue Planet - Hahahahahahaha! During my 3.2 billion years of life, you are the first who wants my ring; Giant Planet -; Shining Star - Oh hey, sweetie! What brought you here; Black Hole - For the sake of the universe, I will kill you... with my hand. Bullets: Star Bullets - Basic yellow bullets. Fire in a straight line. Can be upgraded upon "Power Up" to fire in three lines and five lines; Up & Down Star Bullets - Blue bullets which fire to the upper right and lower right. They cover wider range than the star bullets; Slow Star Bullets - These red bullets fire slowly. They are useful when to fire before an enemy appears; All Directions Star Bullets - These orange bullets fire in all directions. They are very useful when there are enemies behind the asteroid girl.
Download: None currently available

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