Robocraft Royale Freejam 2018

Early Access Release The greatest warriors in the known galaxy have come together to face one another in a battle royale for the ages. Only the greatest pilots will survive utilizing a diverse collection of mecha, tanks, dinosaurs, helicopters, and jet fighters to be the last pilot standing. These daring pilots battle on a vast, 64 kilometer square map home to mountain observatories, power stations, and crashed space ships. Only the greatest among you shall claim victory and in turn prove you are the greatest robot pilot in the galaxy. Additional Features: 100 players battle for survival in a wide variety of robots created by Robocraft players; Pilot a wide variety of vehicles including tanks, dragons, dinosaurs, mecha, cars, helicopters, jet fighters. There's no limit to what you might find; Robocraft's unique, location-based damage system allows you to take apart an enemy robot piece by piece for maximum tactical advantage; Battle for survival on an 8 x 8 kilometer map; All vehicles in the game are designed by the Robocraft Community.
Download: None currently available

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