Codename Silver Aidem Games, Nerlaska, S.L. / Xing Interactive C.V. 2002

Silver is a secret agent with a mystical past. He works for ARTEMISA, an organization of politicians and scientists who wants to save the world from the claws of TKG, a huge and unscrupulous organisation. TKG uses any mean to transform the world to place of deceit and destruction. Killer robots and mutants are only some of the members of their army that tries to conquer the world. Silver is no ordinary man though. He has been chosen to become the world's first genetically modified super agent and therefore is much stronger than anyone else. He is the only one that can change TKG's domination and create a better world. This is an action game where the player controls Silver from a top down perspective. To defeat the army of TKG he has an arsenal of 15 different weapons, from pistols to shotguns and machine guns. All these can be purchased for beta pulses, which is a mysterious energy that Silver gets when killing enemies. To help himself through the levels, Silver has a radar that shows him information about the mission objections. In some missions Silver first has to find his radar. Each mission also has secret objects which can increase the player's score.
ISO Demo 9MB (uploaded by roioros)

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