Murkid [Sp] NewSoft / Mursia turistica 2005

Action from third person that was developed by the manufacturer of budget games Newsoft and commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism of the Spanish province of Murcia. The plot is as follows. The mad scientist has created a whole army of anthropomorphic vegetables-mutants and with their help wishes to seize power ... no, not over the world and not over America, but only over native Spain. He decides to begin with the province of Murcia - but is met by a brave local teenager (the same Murkid - "a guy from Murcia"). The game consists of several levels, the passage of each of which is limited in time (although the process continues after its expiration); the task is to destroy hostile agricultural crops, and then overcome the doctor himself. Opponents are represented by zucchini, lemons, tomatoes (have the largest health reserve) and some green goblins (perhaps, these are cucumbers); at the beginning of each level the doctor flies over the settlement where the action takes place. The only remedy for the boy is the energy that he emits directly from his hands. Its stock is by no means infinite (although at the start of each stage it is at its maximum) and in the process of passage it requires replenishment with special bonuses in the form of jars, cherry bottles and packages with cereals that periodically appear from nowhere. Health is also not infinite - it decreases as it collides with enemies (remotely they do not attack), and it can be corrected by collecting various foods left after death (tomatoes, lemons, etc.). It should be noted that it is not at all easy to play: enemies are very clever, move along cunning zig-zag pathways, which reduces the probability of successful hits from your side. In addition, the action takes place mainly in a rather limited space of "arena" type - you can easily rest on an invisible wall - and mutants, like bonuses, appear suddenly, including they can attack from behind; on the other hand, at the same second level, in the ancient fort, there is enough room for maneuvering, but landscape features must be taken into account in fights. There are several "lives", but in the event of the loss of one of them, the level has to start over again. Sometimes "in breaks" between "main" stages there are "bonus", where you are invited to swim in troubled waters on a submarine. The "advertising" element is, oddly enough, the recreated (and probably unreliable) central squares and streets with historic buildings in the largest cities of Murcia, where it is necessary to conduct battles with mutated vegetables; it's only time to admire all this really not. The graphics are three-dimensional, bright, although the angularity and, if one may say so, "budget" are visible to the naked eye (but for the Oldheimer it's only better). The game is in no way recommended as a "guide" to the cities of the Spanish province, but as an amusing artifact - and also being rare - and just quite entertaining (because of the complexity), it is quite suitable.
Spanish Full Demo 31MB (uploaded by

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