Pale Lands VR BiNAREE Inc. 2018

Early Access Release Welcome to the Apocalypse in this lighthearted and whimsical world of zombie mayhem. Play as YOU want by combining weapons and shifting strategies against progressive mobs of unique and absurd zombies. Overwhelm your brainless aggressors with wacky weapons and a bit of wit. Defend the town and save humanity with a chicken leg. Defend & Survive - Move between towers to defend the town. Be sure to watch your back, zombies can approach from any direction. Humanities survival depends on you. Be Alert, Danger Awaits - Face off against 5 different types of fearsomely cute zombie foes as waves of zombies rampage through your town. Beware of special attacks by the mutant zombies. With multiple interactive weapons and customization options you can choose a style of play that suits you. Be sure to try out all the weapons for some unexpected outcomes. Compete using strategy and skill to achieve the highest score. Exploit the zombies weak spots and utilize the right weapons to become the ultimate survivor.
Download: None currently available

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