Kekkai Gensou Rokukyou: Mythical Mirror danmaq x DANGOYA 2012

Suddenly Nitori and her friends were sucked into a mysterious hole. Now they travel through unknown plains and trying find a way back to Gensokyo. Kekkai Gensou Rokukyou (English: Barrier Fantasy Book Mirror) is a XNA-based shooting game, developed by danmaq with DANGOYA's collaboration. It features similar gameplay to Touhou Eiyashou, where the player can choose a team of two characters; Cirno-Suwako, Nitori-Momiji and Keine-Mokou, each having distinct attack types. The bombs also show different behavior and damage depending on the character. When playing with the character pairs, one character fires when unfocused, while the other switches in and fires when focused, with a reduction in movement speed.
Full Demo 508MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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