Tou no Kuni no Shuukaku Sai Ishiyomi 2013

Gensokyo is being hit by a very long dry season. Farmers are worried would not be able to harvest their crops and the whole country will suffer from hunger. Minoriko Aki, the harvest goddess, along with her sister Shizuha Aki then work together with human and youkai to solve this incident. This is the second Touhou project from Ishiyomi (preceded by Touhou Roujou Kyoku, Reitaisai 9) starring Nitori Kawashiro and Hong Meiling. The game plays like a Touhou shooter in most respect, but features polarity system, similar to Treasure's Ikaruga where the player is able to absorb blue or red bullets to increase their power.
Full Demo 106MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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