Brazilian Root Patria Games 2018

This is an indie hardcore action game featured in first person perspective. The game is set in fictional locations in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Benjamin, a former special operations soldier, dropped his uniform to enter politics and help people. He was running for governor, but 30 days before voting day his daughter was mysteriously kidnapped. Benjamin will have to relive his fighter days and You will help him find his daughter and get his revenge. A hardcore FPS game for hardcore players. Tired Of "Quick Time Events"? We Are Tired too. It's totally focused on the action and in a fast paced feeling: Only 1 checkpoint/savegame per level (Hard? Sure!); No HUD; No Crosshair; No Hitmarker; Die many times until you know the level and enemies. Only Single Player Campaign: Excellent story; Challenging Enemies and Bosses; Good Graphics powered by Cryengine. Many weapons we all like: Rifles, Pistols, Submachineguns, Shotguns, Grenade.
Download: None currently available

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