Nova Nukers! Lemonbomb Entertainment 2018

This is a multiplayer battle game for up to 4 players (online and local). Explode your friends on colourful planets with a large variety of bombastic items. Jump into online multiplayer to play with players from around the world, invite friends from your friend list for a private online session or get together with them at your place to enjoy the action on your home couch. Alternatively you can also test your skills first and battle the AI-Bots at 5 increasing difficulty levels. Pick one of 5 characters and start battling to unlock all 6 planets, 14 items and 20 different character skins. Explore the planets different settings such as a snowy ice, dusty desert and hot lava. It's fast paced combat system and environment destruction will launch all your boredom into orbit. The vast amount of explosions and craters will always keep you on the edge and wary of the dangerous core underneath the planet's surface. In addition, the catch mechanic establishes exciting duels that will show who of you is the best Nova Nuker. Explore additional settings to customize your games and make them as ridiculous or balanced as you like.
Download: None currently available

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