∀kashicverse: Malicious Wake Endless Shirafu 2012

This is the final completion to ∀woken Cardinal Sin (2010) and ∀lternative ∀rguments (2011), a neo-techno vertically scrolling shooter. It features unusual gameplay mechanics along with a unique and innovative weapons system. The character has four attacks: a normal shot (spray of bullets) which can be focus-fired when player pressing the slow motion button, melee energy sword, laser missiles and force bomb. Unlike in most other shooter, the special weapon fired depends on the button combination. First, player must pressing and hold command button to enable a bullet slowing aura, and then followed by entering certain directional commands. These methods give player various offensive options, each with different properties and powers. However,special attack requires a different amount of gauge and recovered very slow by grazing enemy bullets.
Full Demo 267MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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