Len'en Reiretsuden: Reactivate Majestical Imperial Trick Nostalgie 2014

Suddenly, Mugenri was entirely covered by abnormal winter but humans are idling in the kotatsu and refuse to go. Now human, orochi and youkai must work in tandem to solve the incident. Len'en Reiretsuden (English: Connecting Chain of Raging Spirit Tales) is the third game in Len'en projec. It's based on Touhou Eiyashou, features a three teams to choose from with two characters each. Player can switch between the two characters each of whom has their own attacks, bombs, play style and power gauge. When the team member is not active, they shown at the bottom edge of the screen, and move to follow the active member by collecting items. It features Easy Extra Mode and Extra Mode which can be unlocked by completing main scenario in any difficulty; Absurdly Extra Mode which is only unlocked once the main game is cleared on Unreal difficulty; and two endings - good ending and bad ending - for each team.
Full Demo 153MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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