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Perpetuum is a persistent, single-shard MMORPG in a science fiction setting. The game is set on the world of Nia, encompassing twelve islands, each of which is a large game zone, covering approximately 1000kmĀ² each. The game primarily focuses on combat between customizable robots, both player and non-player controlled, as well as catering to free-form diplomacy between corporations run by the player and industrial or economic professions. Player bots and mechs are fully customizable. The range of activities is aided by a time-based character growth system, which continues even when players are not directly logged in to the server. Extension points (EP) are used to increase skills, allowing players to control bigger bots and upgrade them (increased speed, damage; decreased weapon cycle time). These upgrades are tied to the "agent" (the player and not the specific bot), similarly to the skill system of EVE. Since 23rd of April 2014, the game changed from subscription based to buy to play. With this change, only the players that log-in into the character selection screen at least every 3 days gain EP. Alternatively, the player can buy a booster, for an increased EP gain (50%) and as long as the booster is active, it drops the requirement to log in every 3 days. This booster is cheaper than the previous subscription (both lasting 30 days). The growth rate is 1440 EP/day or 2160 EP/day with a booster. The EP is granted at 8am local server time. Combat is action-based between people who control their bots or people versus computer controlled NPC (mobs). The game revolves around PVP with PVE elements as a support for in-game research and production. Bots and mechs are of different types/factions (color based) and use different weapons (blue - magnetic, yellow - lasers, green - missiles). There are supporting modules such as E-WAR, repair modules, armors and other. There is also a neutral type of industrial bots. The official Perpetuum server shut down on January 25th, 2018 but the server source code was released for standalone servers to be used by community.
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