Mecha Ritz Yuki Shohei 2015

This is a manic shooter where playing perfectly boosts rank, and bullet speed and your score along with it, to absurd levels. Clearing is not too difficult due to the large amount of resources the game gives you, but scoring well rewards players with an intense roller coaster ride like no other. Every time you kill an item carrier, rank increases by 1. Destroying them via point blanking rewards double the item and increases rank by 2. Rank is also increased by survival time, collecting more resources with maxed out stock, killing bosses, etc. Rank is lowered by taking a hit or bombing. Using a bomb reduces it only slightly, getting hit while you still have a shield reduces it slightly more, and losing a life reduces it significantly. In addition, speed killing enemy waves results in extra enemy waves, which are worth more score as well. Lastly, speed kill mini bosses and bosses for a time bonus. This is also nessecary to reaching the end of the game before the "Time" limit on the hud reaches zero, which will lock off access to the TLB. There are probably more secrets to this game's scoring, but due to its relative obscurity, not a lot of information is available to us at the moment. Please share anything you might know. Essentially it has two difficulty modes, dependent on how high you set your starting rank on the title screen. If you choose a starting rank below 100, then 99 will be the maximum that rank can rise. If you choose a starting rank of 100 or greater, then 100 will be the minimum that rank can fall to, and rank will be able to rise indefinitely. Starting rank and additional ships are unlocked by play time.

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Free Game v1.01 114MB (uploaded by Freem!)

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