Tokoyo Studio Tokoyo, vitte 2018

This is a pixel art shooting gam,e first on New Nintendo 3DS in 2016, and inspired by the Japanese Buddhist worldview. In it, players become a priest who gets into a mokugyo (a Buddhist temple block) and goes on a journey around the Rokudo. Players can choose from six stages, Tendo (heaven), Ningendo (human world), Chikshodo (animal world), Jigokudo (hell), Gakido (hungry world), and Syurado (fighting world), where they save wandering souls using the power of "Yoshi Yoshi" (there there) launched from the mokugyo. The goal of each stage is to reach the Kannon waiting for you at the end.The game also includes collectable elements, where delivered souls are gathered around the temple. The purpose of this game is to reach its final stage, TOKOYO (the place of the truth).
Download: None currently available

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