Grood Claudio Catalano, CC_ARTS 2018

Grood is about fighting. Fighting hard. The gameplay blends classic Shoot 'em up frenetics mechanics with modern low poly graphics, particles, shaders, and the power of Unity. Journey through different environments and all kinds of weather, from day until night. Annihilate an army of machines, and afterward, annihilate their bosses - go all the way to confirm that your battle paid off. Travel through woods, swamps, cities, frozen lands, deserts, and more. The dynamic weather patterns of the game means that your battle will take place in a different background every time you play. A forest will look wildly different under the rain at sunrise, in the noonday sun, and during an overnight snowfall. You'll face different enemies in different gameplays. Small, big, slow, fast: go fight them all. Features: Super fast gameplay; Dynamic weather conditions for a different experience every time you play; Multiple final bosses; Multiple weapons; Day/night cycle. Fight early in the morning, during afternoon or at night; 30+ difficult-to-achieve achievements; Global leaderboard - beat your friends and everyone in the world; Slow motion - hit your opponents hard and enjoy your fight from a new perspective.
Download: None currently available

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