JunkerBot RedNukem 2017

Early Access Release This is a Single-Player Car Combat game, where you destroy, recycle, and replicate vehicles. But why? to Decontaminate. Main Features: 3D skillful Car Combat where every vehicle is unique in some way; Explore from a top-down perspective, a desert filled with enemy bases to destroy, mining outposts to take advantage of, and dangerous convoys; 8 upgradeable faction based vehicles to unlock and 9 unique/secret cars too; Simple base building mechanics to manage your vehicles and unlock useful stuff like a deployable suicidal explosive RC car; A backstory to unravel, and give context to the world (not yet, working on this); Online Coop challenges to unlock and play with a friend, or alone if you want a real challenge; Multiple-barreled mortar turrets and Land Torpedoes.
Download: None currently available

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