Filthy Hands Globiss Interactive 2018

Early Access Release In a quiet suburb where nothing usually happens, the unexpected strikes: an armed robbery. This is a 2-4 person multiplayer game wherein you either defend your house as a family of 3, or attack the house as a brutal robber. Work together as a family of 3 to defend your valuable save, using different items ranging from a pan to firecrackers to give the robber the worst time of his life. Use teamwork to distribute tasks, such as hiding the safe and distracting the robber in order to save time before the police arrives. Play as a one man team starring a robber who attempts to steal his biggest jackpot yet. Be sneaky or be courageous in order to steal the safe before the police arrives. Do you have what it takes to outsmart or eliminate an entire family who would do anything to defend their belongings?
Download: None currently available

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