Outer Rim, The: Survivor Katoa Games 2018

Early Access Release: Welcome to The Outer Rim, where fast paced action and space combat meet. Play the Survivor missions where you'll be constantly bombarded with enemies to attack, and be attacked by - How long you can last is the question as these missions never end. The Campaign mode (single player mission based game play) will be added as a DLC once completed. A range of missions are available for you to try for free and give feedback while I further develop the game. Take control of 5 different space ships with 9 different weapons flying in a full 3D universe. Missions include: protect your command ships, take out enemy command ships, and protect bomber runs. The missions take place in a mix of locations including space & planets. Collect power ups by taking out enemies ships, giving you a range of items to help you last longer - extra missiles, new weapons, flares, nukes, multi-shot missiles and more. Command your Wingmen (on certain missions) to help you last longer - they can attack the targets you specify, defend you when you're in trouble, just tell them what you want them to do. They've got your back.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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