Battle Amanojaku: Shatter All Spell Card 正灌 (ZG) 2015

This is the next replica of original Danmaku Amanojaku, developed by unknown Chinese developer who previously released the unofficial version of Gold Rush. The gameplay is largely unchanged, a puzzle danmaku shooting game which charges the player controls Seija Kijin, using the Miracle Mallet which destroys hit danmaku, converts them all into koban coins and defeat boss character within the time limit to clear stage. The game consists of 12 levels which is populated with a single boss character. Beating the boss character will earn Seija her unique abilities - both active or passive - for use throughout the rest of the game. Defeating levels under certain conditions will grant player access to secret stages. Clearing all stages without unique abilities will unlock the final level and true ending as well.
Full Demo 115MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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