Stahlfabrik TriNodE Entertainment Systems / Modern Games Handelsagentur GmbH 1999

This is a top-down view action game made in Germany. In the game we control a robot which will have a goal to erase traces of the malignant type Y robot. As the levels advance, the robot and the weapons we control can be improved. In the game there are several types of weapons and bonuses that are collected including from the destroyed enemies. The main "gift" from them is metal - it must also be collected in order to use our robots instead of first aid kits. Before the start of the actual game, it is worth approaching each of the terminals that are encountered - they will tell you what to do and how to use it. The game is relatively simple, but very exciting. It is made under Windows and in full 3D, so that the rendering of everything - from robots to special effects - at the highest level.
ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by

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