Zog's Nightmare 3: Message from C18 mmaragos / Wolfdie Entertainment 2015

This is a free fan-game sequel for the Neo-Nazi FPS games ZOG's Nightmare and ZOG's Nightmare 2 after Resistance Records ceased their game development business. The player controls a Combat 18 gunman who is on a quest to destroy a skyscraper where the Zionist Ocuppied Government commanders are. Racist like its precursors: all the enemies are Jews, except for a level were you kill some African American who are also muslims. To add insult to injury one of the muslims is unarmed and he doesn't try to attack you whatsoever, but you must kill him in order to proceed. All the game weapons are given to the player on the first level with no warning for this. If one inattentive player leave without picking all up, sooner or later he/she will have to start the game all over again. You must go through several levels until you reach a skyscraper. Riding an elevator, you will get off at different floors to eliminate various groups such as Mossad operatives, ZOG soldiers, corrupt politicians and businessmen, and even medical researchers. Reach the top where you will place explosives to demolish the whole building.
Free Game 509MB (uploaded by Stormfront)

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