Dead Ground: Arena VRillAR 2018

This is the action packed arena mode of the upcoming FPS VR game Dead GroundZ. Players take on the role as a secret agent of Blackrain, for which they go on diverse challenging missions. To fulfill their mission goal, players can choose from 20 different types of weapons to defeat a range of 30 different creatures, that are hungry for their blood and flesh. Missions range from protecting persons of interest to surviving waves of enemies in a small area. It supports movement via teleport by using the VR controller or direct movement by the player and comes with a variety of graphic settings to fit the needs for each player and provide a seamless immersive experience. Players can choose from different difficulty setting - after completing the normal mode, a more challenging experience awaits with the veteran mode. Features: Exciting missions and action-packed gunfights; Fierce battles with the thrill of real life sensations; The best graphic quality in VR gaming industry with the least chance of motion sickness; Lots of diverse maps with more to be added in the upcoming month; An ultimate exciting experience with 20 weapons and striking effects; A variety of different types of weapons, including realistic military weapons and grenade as well as exotic weapons such as freezing gun and gravity gun; More than 30 different types of reactive NPCs. A whole story mode with action packed missions can be experienced with the upcoming launch of Dead GroundZ.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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