When Clones Attack! Midnight Synergy 2002

This is a top-down space shooter, where you defend your ship against sheer infinite numbers of aliens (clones). Move your ship with the keyboard, aim with the mouse, avoid that the enemies catch you by firing at them with all you have. Your primary weapon runs in two modes, semi-automatic (slow) or automatic (fast, but overheats). In addition, if they have surrounded you, you can use a bomb to destroy nearly all of them. The game itself is played on one single screen, where you start at the center. After you have beaten the first wave of aliens, the second starts immediately and so on, until the game is over. To beat the clones, you have the possibility to catch different power-ups (by shooting at them), which give you special weapons, additional bombs, or help you cool down your gun.
included in Midnight Synergy Games Collection (2006) - ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by Legends World)
Free Game 607kb (uploaded by CNET Download)

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