Adolf-X 3D: The Execution of Hitler Weierheiser Concepts 1996

This is a long forgotten shareware FPS made with Pie in the Sky Software's 3D Game Creation System. It puts you in the middle of WWII. You have been selected to go on a Top Secret Mission in Europe. Your Mission - The Assassination of Adolf Hitler. When you arrive in Europe you are arrested and taken to a Secret Nazi Prison Camp. The Nazis grill you with questions and beat you pretty bad. As you sit there, beaten and bloody, the guards decide to take a smoke break. When they leave the room you notice a Shotgun left on the floor as bait. What do you do ? The choice is yours, either sit there and wait for round two, or pick up that shotgun and kick some serious ass. The game is afoot.
Level Demo 2MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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