Total War 5 Union Software Group 2000

A rare Spanish platformer from the well-known developer, in extremely narrow circles, who at the turn of the millennium massively published "budget" arcade games and still running in DOS. The plot is exactly one line: monstrous aliens invaded the Earth, their appearance resembling all known "aliens", with the goal of destroying humanity, and our task as a brave solitary soldier is to prevent them from doing so. The essence is extremely simple: we control the soldier with a side view, jump on a large number of moving platforms, kill monsters from the machine with an infinite ammunition. The hero has a certain amount of health (not giant, but generally quite decent), and also, apparently, an infinite number of "lives"; no bonuses, cartridges, additional weapons, ways to make up for health and generally all that is often present in such games, no. The most important feature is the constant revival of "strangers" from peculiar "nests". The local task at each level is the destruction of a certain similarity of the "generator" located either in the upper or lower part of the location (that is, we must always get there first), which will have to undermine the "nests" located next to it; after that there is an automatic transition to a new stage, and the health of the hero, if he was dealt damage, is restored to the maximum. Note that in the case of the death of the character and its subsequent rebirth on the same episode, all previously destroyed "nurseries" of aliens reappear (but they must not be blown up all the time). In addition, there are occasional traps (for example, a low-pitched vat with acid at the very first level), complicating the passage; falling from a very (very) very high altitude is also capable of ending for the protagonist by death. But the mechanics of jumping, whether it is good or not, is relatively simple, and "strangers" are killed literally by one burst. Graphically, it looks, despite its "budgetary" origin, quite right and nice: well-traced (albeit monotonous, of course) "dark" backgrounds, eye-pleasing effects of explosions, funny nimble monsters-enemies. It should also be noted very fast pace of the game process and wonderful music, which is very suitable.
ISO Demo 4.73MB (uploaded by

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