Volted Betterburg 2018

This is a colorful, team-based multiplayer vehicular shooter with classes. Electricity became the main resource on the planet. Giant power plants had been created. Plants are using tesla coils to transfer electricity. Wireless transfer wasn't such a great idea, now it's dangerous to leave vehicles. One day plants stopped producing enough energy, but nobody could reach them to understand what is going on. So destroying others transfer towers seems like the only solution to have electricity. You and your team can survive only by protecting your base and by destroying enemies' bases. These lands became known as Volted. The player can choose his own combat-vehicle class. Each class differs in its type of mounted weapon type, and maneuverability. Class playing inside each team and close cooperation is the core element of combat gameplay. Players closely interact with each other by recharging shields, feeding energy and restoring each others’ ammo capacity. During your gameplay, you constantly earn points that can grant you access to new vehicle models and ammunition unlocks. There are four vehicle classes: Hover, Tank, Copter, and Artillery. All 4 classes are deeply integrated into a team and squad cooperation system that is essential for gaining the victory. You can find different types of ammunition, endurance and speed abilities when exploring the battleground with each class. Besides the above listed capabilities, each class has a unique resource ability that your team requires the most to complete key objectives. In order to obtain this unique resource, you need to stay near the appropriate vehicle class. Right now available: 4 vehicle classes - Hover, Tank, Copter, and Artillery; 20 vehicle models; 7 weapon types with a sea of procedural variations; Procedurally generated maps (with one setting called "forest" with robotic bugs as NPCs); More stuff to come.
Download: None currently available

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