Unknown Pain: Hardcore Sergey Sevostyanov 2018

The murderer of a psychopath miraculously clamped power in the country and fun begins, all are private and live very richly, except for you, your young man is brutally murdered before your very eyes. No one else kills, but this psychopath is a murderer. Under such circumstances, you will not have fun. Courts do not work, the police do not work, no one works, because the country has a base income of $ 2,000,000,000. No one will help you, because you decide to take everything into your own hands and take revenge. An infinite number of opponents will make you a very hardcore and cheerful company for a couple of hours. Walk around the city that wants your death, build genocide on the roofs of skyscrapers, catch up with the cart on a very powerful machine with machine guns and finally reach your goal. Features: Infinitely the number of enemies; A man who sounds an antagonist is an absolute not a professional with a Russian accent; 3 types of weapons, ranging from a submachine gun to a machine gun; The main character of gay huge size (in the game it does not help you in any way); Awesome endless action; Compete against comrades who killed more Nazis, the result will be visible to all players on the Leaderboard.
Download: None currently available

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