Muffled Warfare Gattai Games 2018

Early Access Release From the creators of Stifled comes a brave new entry into the echolocation-game genre. It's a multiplayer first-person echolocation shooter where everyone is blind and uses sounds to see, shoot and silence their competition. You've heard of that blind superhero that dresses up like a devil in red right? Yea, think that, but with guns. Features: Echo-location - use sound to see, shoot and silence the competition; stealth mechanics - Fade into the darkness that is silence; multiplayer mayhem - Silence or be Silenced?; fast-paced action - There was too much walking in Stifled; outlandish weapons - Because regular weapons are, meh; future-gen AI - Patent Pending BI (Burden Intelligence); skins - We know you love'em; 4K HDR graphics - Gotta get in on them buzzwords; colors - Like, 4 of them. Like we said, It wasn't a joke.
Download: None currently available

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