Gun Dan: The Cloud Shooting D.N.A. Softwares 2010

Gundan, literally translated as Bullet Group, is a horizontally scrolling shooter. The gameplay of Gundan puts the player in control of a group of troops consists of 10 members, who destroy enemies on-screen using bullets and a limited supply of bombs. At the beginning of stage only Reimu and Marisa are available as the team leader. The player can only choose up to three different formations which can be changed at any time during the game progresses. There are eight stages which can be chosen freely by the player and each stage ends with a boss fight. Defeated boss will join the players and could be added in the troop formation before entering into a new stage. The game ends when the player's leader is lost by run out of life points, but the option to continue will be given.
ISO Demo 99MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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