C-Dogs Ronny Wester 1997

The sequel to Cyberdogs, C-Dogs improves the original Cyberdogs gameplay formula. The game involves you taking your character on missions which usually involve shooting anything around using a variety of weapons that can be bought before missions. Many more options are available in this version, one of the most interesting being an editor that allows you to create your own C-Dogs campaigns. In 2002, Wester released the source code of C-Dogs to the public. Following that Jeremy Chin and Lucas Martin-King ported the game to SDL and released their work under the GPLv2 as "C-Dogs SDL". The open source software port contains a number of enhancements to the original C-Dogs, including high-resolution support, local multiplayer up to four players, enhanced graphics and LAN multiplayer. In October 2015, C-Dogs SDL was updated to SDL2.
SDL v0.6.6 + Missionpack 12.2MB+403kb (uploaded by Github)
Free Game v1.06 650kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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