Kyomu No Otome AkiraGoya, Artesneit 2015

For the first time since 1500 years, the art club in Tsukishiro Gakuen suspended for not showing great achievements. However, the school leader provides an opportunity to reopen the club by winning the school tournament. Kyomu no Otome, literally translated as The Maiden of Empty Dream, is a horizontally scrolling shooter developed by a doujin circle who was previously known for Galshell series. The game is notable for using girls with no underpants combined with role playing elements, something that is considered rare for a horizontal shooter. The player controls two protagonists at once; Shikisaki Romi and Mana Kuriyama who can be switched at anytime and shoots through four stages. Each level consists of a large area with several paths but lead to the same boss. The player can customize weapons before entering a stage and several upgrade options can be purchased by spending money.
Full Demo 76MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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