Transformers Online [Ch] Tencent 2017

A China-exclusive free-to-play online shooter using Unreal Engine 4 and set in the fictional universe featuring two feuding Transformer factions - Autobots and Decepticons. Gameplay mechanics are inspired by the popular Overwatch. In consecutive matches, two teams comprising Transformers fight each other with the goal to annihilate enemy team. It's set in a fictional universe, in which eons ago there a war broke out between two factions of Transformers - gigantic intelligent robots that can instantly assume different forms. Because of this conflict, Cybertron (Transformers' home plane) was obliterated. Both Autobots and evil Decepticons are forced to look for refuge across the galaxy - of course, they choose Earth which has now become their new battleground. One can control different characters, each one with unique skills, utilized weaponry, and features. For example, Bumblebee is a killer, Ratchet supports his team as a medic, while Bluestreak eliminates enemies from large distances as a sniper. Player's target is to eliminate the opposing team or completing a particular task - e.g. escort a vehicle throughout a large map. The battles are very dynamic and exciting. It adds something to the formula seen in Overwatch - as befits Transformers, they can assume different forms. Some of them can become fast cars, others can turn into trucks, jeeps or a mighty tank. This is why each character has a sort of the second layer that the player has to consider when selecting the character for each battle. Another novelty is the ability of melee combat using different weapons - the game introduces a mode in which players have no other way to fight their opponents apart from melee combat. Similarly to Transformers Universe, every character has both a shield and spark bar. However, players on both teams are able to choose their fighter regardless of faction. (Furthermore, not all characters have an ability/weapon in vehicle mode.) Each playable character also has both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon that can be interchanged in combat. After the player completes a story mode tutorial as Optimus Prime, they are able to access four playable game modes: Point Capture pits one team against another (regardless of faction). The team that captures the most/all points on the map wins the match; Death Match is a free-for-all mode, in which the winning player is declared by having the most kills after the time limit expires; Blade Wars is a mode in which characters are limited to using their melee weapons; AI Bots is a virtual simulation mode that allows the players to practice any character's' combat skills on practice targets.
Chinese Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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