Orbos Leisure Police 2018

Early Access Release This is a 3rd person online multiplayer shooter with a focus on lite mechanics and quick matches. Take control of a cute Mechanical Animal Companion Unit, often referred to as "Makus" or more commonly, "Orbos", because of their spherical shape. Play as one of 7 Orbos as they vie for dominance in up to 2 different arena style maps in one of 2 game modes. Once built by technodruids for assisting research and harvesting a newly discovered crystal energy source, the forgotten robots now run amok in abandoned mines and outposts where resources are now dry. Fast and frenetic, it's a fight to the finish to be the top bot. Features: 7 Playable Characters; 2 Maps; 2 Game Modes - Team Deathmatch most kills wins and Orbomb - A modified capture-the-flag game mode. Reach full health, then race to the center of the map to become overcharged, turning yourself into a ticking time bomb. Once in this state, race to the enemy base, as highlighted in the world, then detonate to score a point. First to 3 points, wins; Partial Controller Support (Can control characters with controller, no controller support for UI).
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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