Blood Ancestors Snowpeak Studio 2018

Many centuries have passed since The Bloods went through the gateway for last time and hardly anybody can remember how it happened. However, their world is currently fading and they are back. The battle between Light and Darkness is unleashing a series of planetary energies which are driving the world towards destruction. This crumbling universe has just one way for being saved, which is to recapture the ancestral relic and feed it with the blood shed on Earth to make it flourish again. The time has come for the The Bloods to traverse the gateway again and claim for their relic. They won't be on their own, their Blood Ancestors are protecting it. Choose between 3 factions, 6 character types and 18 different classes. The struggle between Light and Darkness is about to begin. Features: Team-based competitive first person multiplayer game; Action set in a medieval fantasy world; 3 factions, 6 character types and 18 different classes; Full skill configuration; Different skins and colours for each class.
Download: None currently available

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