Beacon Monothetic 2018

Early Access Release A science-fiction roguelike shooter employing isometric view and created by a studio established by active members of Half-Life 2 modding community. The player assumes the role of Freja - a hired female pilot whose ship crashes on the surface of an unknown planet. Although the protagonist dies, she gets revived by a cloning station which survived the crash. In order to escape the planet, Freja has to make her way through hordes of hostile alien life forms and find materials required to communicate with those capable of rescuing her. The player explores procedurally generated environments and shoots enemies. In-game death is permanent and forces the player to start over from the very beginning. What makes the job easier however, is the fact that the protagonist is able to gather DNA from her victims. Different DNA combinations can be created before the next attempt - those give access to useful mutations.
Download: None currently available

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