ShadowCore VR Silverstar Network Technology Co.Ltd., Serebrum Lab 2018

Early Access Release In a cyberpunk future run by ruthless conglomerates locked in a battle for Earth's remaining resources, whose side will you be on? Enter the world of ShadowCore - a HeroFps-lite, virtual reality, action-packed, multiplayer shooter set in a dystopian cyberpunk reality. Focused on small to medium tactical engagements, it supports skilled shooting in combination with easy to access gear and an ever-evolving gameplay to keep you immersed. Hot join any game in progress using a respawn system that places you right in the eye of the action. Expertly time/coordinate your abilities/weapons with fellow players. With map design that supports small squad tactics, explore the cyberpunk reality of the dystopian world we have created, Two gameplay modes to choose from - fight for an objective and complete missions or kill all enemies in sight. Features: Free locomotion; Full head/directional tracking with rotation support; 3 distinct character classes, each with a main weapon with alt-fire, wrist weapon, and a special ability; 2 maps; 3 different game modes; 5v5 Online/Local Multiplayer; AI Bots; Hot-join in game.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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