Touhou Natsu Yasai: Shining Shooting Star Rainy Night Snow Production Team 2016

In summer, after great storm in Gensokyo, a meteor shower phenomenon occurred for several nights. Since the meteor fragments contain mysterious magical power, rumors have been spreading throughout Gensokyo that the fragments will make dreams come true. Figuring there must be something up there regardless of the rumor itself, Reimu went out to investigate the source of the magic released by the meteor fragments. Touhou Natsu Yasai, literally translated as Eastern Summer Night Festival, is a Chinese Touhou shooting game and features 4 playable characters; Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Koishi. The gameplay system is based around filling a gauge by gathering meteor fragments and the gauge can be changed to three colors; blue, red and green, each with different effects. It features 8 original characters, 6 stages and extra stage. The game must be run in Chinese locale and additional application such Applocale may be required.
Partial English Translation Patch (uploaded by Shrine Maiden)

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