Touhou Mahojou: Book of Star Mythology Mace's Secret Base/raichu 2016

Throughout Gensokyo, rumors have been spreading about secret artifact summoned by Fuma Mishandra. With the help of Sanae and Marisa, Reimu takes off to Gensokyo to stop Mishandra who summons otherworldly beings. Touhou Mahojou, literally translated as Eastern Magic Relic Castle, is a vertically scrolling shooter written in Danmakufu ph3, though the script files were left unpacked, which means that Danmakufu application is not required in order to play the game. The story was written by Milka Oyasu who previously wrote the scenario for Touhou Jaseishou, Touhou Doumeiju and Touhou Tougenkyuu. It features three playable characters to choose from; Reimu, Marisa and Sanae, each having two distinct attack types. The gameplay is similar to that of Touhou Kanjuden with Constellation Gauge and Magnitude that affect collecting bomb fragments and scores. Book of Star Mythology allows a selection between game modes; Legendary Hero with infinite lives and Legacy Mode which functions similarly to regular Touhou project titles.
Download: None currently available

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