Landwars Landstudio 2018

This is a full-featured first-person shooter that offers a multiplayer mode (and soon a campaign). This game has gone from a simple prototype to a new version of a new concept, a new engine and a system under development. Most features are already in place and have been improved. The game's performance also increases to play with 60fps minimum. Feature List: 3 game modes - Team Death Match, Free For All, Capture of Flag; Player team system; Private and Public match; Player Class, 4 kinds of players Class with different characteristics (Assault, Enginner, Support, Recon); 6 different kind of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade and Knife Advanced weapon system; Damage Indicator; Lobby chat; Team selection and Auto-Team selection; Fire types (Auto, Single and Semi-Automatic); precise synchronization of bullets and positions; Fall Damage; Player room kick; Server statistics, total players, total rooms, ping; Health regeneration option; KillFeed Corner (WhoKilledWho); Score board; Room time limit; Ladder System; Head shot detection; Bullet trail option; AFK detection; Max Kill room limit; weapon Fov option in play time; Max allowed player ping to join in a room; Draw Name Above Head; Player footstep; Graphic menu settings; Multiplayer in room chat; Smooth weapon Movements when is running; Weapon pick up system over network; Throw gun after death; Ammo and medic kit throwing; Kill Camera; UGUI Crosshair; Animated Hit marker; Spawn hand effect indicator; Friendly fire options; Switch team in mid room; AAA Graphic; Graphic menu settings; High performance.
Download: None currently available

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