Orcz Evolve VR Arloopa Inc. 2018

Early Access Release This captures the small point between funny, comic & absurd and explodes that into an action-packed VR shooter with a pinch of salt. A double pinch of salt. It's a fast paced VR shooter and tower defense game, where you have to shoot down an upcoming horde of orcz with a dozen of weapons at your disposal, and do it with style. But don't be fooled, orcz may not be the smartest (not yet...) creatures, but they still have a jack or two under their sleeves. A portal of an unknown origin has spawned in your highly advanced domain and has brought a horde of orcz from within. In order to stop them, you are sent to the other side of the portal to fight the foe on their ground. But what lies on the other side, you are to discover. Tower Offense - it has a small bit of a tower defense. But, don't worry, towers are automatic, it's progress, it's future, so you better mind killing the orcz instead. Green Overdose - it features a ton of foe variations, with unique skills, strengths and weaknesses, so remain vigilant, they may surprise you in a no time. Arsenal Deployed - it has a unique UI system, and thanks to that, you have access to 10+ unique weapons right under your arm - literally. Unreal Power - You are still a representative of a highly advanced human race, so we also have some tricks of our own. In the darkest times, even the small beacon of light is a hope. Take the divine sword and slice'em till they know their place.
Download: None currently available

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