Kanon Boueigun Hachimitsu Kuma 2009

Takes place in an unspecified year, the city suddenly overrun by monsters and bring the city in ruin. In order to counter the invasion, Kanon Defense Force (KDF) has been formed. Kanon Boueigun is basically similar to Touhou Boueigun in most respects, a top down shooter inspired by Chikyuu Boueigun, a popular 3D shooter series developed by Sandlot. With super deformed versions of various characters from Kanon visual novel, the player assumes the role of Mai Kawasumi or Ayu Tsukimiya and engages with floods of enemies on gigantic sprawling maps before the health runs out. There are eight characters that can be used and new members will be added upon a mission completion. It's basically just an edited version of Touhou Defense Force by the same developers, using Kanon characters and with slightly modified/improved character mechanics, phrases, weapons and graphics. The music was also obviously changed to Kanon-themed tunes. It's the harder of the two games to find, though from a technical standpoint (and as stated by those who developed it), both games are nearly identical.
Full Demo 123MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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