Dokingan IRR SSK 2015

A.D.2305, the biggest problem on Earth Federation is extreme population explosion. It's no time and money to build space colonies. Thus, solution is only finding colony planets. Huge numbers of research vessels departed from Earth. 6 months later, certain country's reaseach vessels have already found two colony planets. And arrived final research objective, the planet "XANADU". But they were attacked by unidentified civilization and evacuated immediately. After returning Earth, all information of Earth was leaked from reaseach vessels by XANADU civilization's hacking. Further more, huge XANADU civilization's force suddenly appeared nearby planet XANADU. Government was afraid of their invasion and decided to conquer the planet "XANADU" with military powerforce. And mankind began to invasion. Dokingan (literally translated as “Crossbow Near Gun”) is a Japanese vertically scrolling manic shooter developed using Shooting Game Builder. It's very similar to Cave's classic shooter in which player prepare for massive waves of enemies while dodging their unending rain of bullets. The ship has primary standard attack, a spread forward-shooting bullets which can be activated by tapping fire button. When holding down attack button, auto-fire can be activated but the player moves at slower speed. The secondary attack is a short-range proximity laser. This attack provides more firepower than standard fire and inflicts more damage. Proximity laser is able to destroy certain enemy bullets and it spark when hit enemy. Finally, the ship has a limited supply of bombs. It produces medium explosion which damages or destroys all enemies on screen, and makes all enemy bullets disappear for the entire duration of the explosion. However, bomb attack does not have a large destructive force. Bombs are automatically used when the player is hit, but with half damage. Player starts with four bombs and linked to bomb gauge which regenerates slowly after use. It features a scoring system similar to Shikigami no Shiro. When the ship is close to enemy bullets, the points gained from destroying enemies and retrieving items is multiplied by a factor based on the distance between the bullet and the player ship's center. This system brings a challenge for player to achieve a high score. If player meets certain conditions, a true ending can be unlocked.
Full Demo v1.01 102MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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