Aliens [K] RealTeam 1994

This rare early Korean FPS has only two levels that are not connected to each other and are available to run from the main menu through their own points; both can be traversed, but the conditions of this passage for each are different and are not prescribed anywhere. Immediately note that the game is almost entirely in Korean, but the text here in principle is very small: this, for example, the names of levels and names of rooms in the locations - that is, understanding the given words for the process is in no way critical. It has complexity, unexpected surprises, a wonderful atmosphere, and even some special charm (very much special, which is experienced far, far from everyone). The action takes place on a futuristic kind of object, in which, if desired, you can recognize a secret laboratory, a military base, a space station and much more. It is captured by large humanoid aliens with bright green skin, partly reminiscent of reptilians; more accurately about their appearance, almost nothing can be said because of the extremely low detail of the sprites - but notice claws, bone crests on the crowns and gray spines on the spine sometimes still succeed. These creatures are extremely hostile towards people - and, apparently, killed the entire staff of the object: our eyes periodically appear corpses of men lying in puddles of blood face to the floor. When firing on the aliens, they fly off the hardly discernible green scraps, and death is visualized by "fall" onto the floor with the transformation into an amorphous green mass resembling its kind of sweet cotton wool; it is unlikely that even the smallest child or the most hardened pacifist will be able to take it seriously. The circumstances of the demise of our protagonist in the case of an unfavorable confluence of circumstances, too, do not really show up: when getting damaged, the screen "blushes" for a moment, yes, but when the glasses are reset, the picture simply "dies away" (with a subsequent return to the main menu).
Korean Full Demo 291kb (uploaded by

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