ReX Ali Asfand 2018

Rex Corporation the leading company of the world in robotics is helping humanity for generations but a scientist turned mad started experimenting on the dead and turned them into cyborg zombies, and he has taken over the facility. You play as mercenary soldier hired by rex corps. Your job is find the mad scientist and neutralize him and it his minions. Features: Pixel Art - Simple pixel art based on old school platformer; 55 Levels - split into 5 chapters; Evolving Enemies - Blow up cyborg enemies and challenging Bosses; Collect Coins - Coins can be used to purchase weapons from in game weapon's shop; Controller Support - Keyboard still required to navigate the game menu; 8Bit Music - Listen to 7 beautiful 8bit tracks composed by Ozzed; High Difficulty - get ready to die a lot, i hope you don't mind. Kill enemies collect coins use coins to buy different weapons from in game weapon's shop.
Download: None currently available

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