Space God PsychoFlux Entertainment, Jellypig Games 2018

This is a 'hyper retro neon' style top-down shooting game. Play in single player, online co-op mode, or online multiplayer. Don't stop, keep moving! and you might survive... maybe. Features: Singleplayer, Online multiplayer and Co-op; Challenge mode and a leaderboard; Different stage objectives - Annihilation, Escape, Defense, and Survival; More than 20 unique weapons; More than 20 playable stages and 60 maps; 3 difficulty levels - Normal, Hard, Insane. You must keep moving to avoid enemy attacks. Kill enemies, move on to the next stage, rinse and repeat. Feeling frisky? Try challenge mode and get higher score than your competitors. You can unlock new ships and weapons using star coins earned from clearing the stages. Upgrade your ships and weapons to obtain a higher score. You can play online co-op mode and other modes via multiplayer menu. Play with your friends and assert your dominance. It's a rocket science, but you don't need to know anything. You only need careful eyes and quick hands.
Download: None currently available

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