Girls Army (cancelled) Mayaka Games 2017

All of the human race has become immortal because a mysterious virus spread to the world. In addition, the virus made all human beings girls. Then the world was confused, terrorism and war broke out. So even if you shoot using a gun they will only surrender and will not die. You play as a FemBoy. You can play in FPS or it can be switched to TPS. It features Ryona sexual content and was made with Unity. There's a good selection of weapons in the game, but since everything (including grenades and a drug that slows down time) are all mapped to the left-mouse, it can get kind of cumbersome scrolling through everything. Since all your enemies are immortal, you can capture them and take them back to your base to torture them and "interrogate" them. In your office, go to your door and select the topmost option and go all the way to the back of the room to access your dungeons, where your prisoners are kept. When you're in the shop, the bottom-most item is needed to capture downed enemies. It was cancelled while still in beta, so there are still bugs in the game.
Free Beta v0.071 1.52GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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