40080 Lee Minsik 1995

A short but curious Korean shoot 'em up, which can be both very simple and very difficult - depending on the settings you have set. The ship flies from left to right, and on its way there are various ill-wishers who must be mercilessly destroyed. Moreover, the intensity of the confrontation is growing rapidly, even at the slowest speed set: here we shoot asteroids, after ten seconds some mobile square platforms are firing at us, another ten - a surviving warship. In addition to the pace of the game, the number of lives also lends itself to tuning, at loss of which the level will have to start anew. Graphics do not shine, but it can not be called bad either: each level has an individual design, the species composition of opponents has about a dozen variations, which is a lot considering the modest scale of the game.
Free Game 130kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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