All Dead NewSoft 1999

This is a Spanish action-arcade with a view from above, dedicated to the extermination of monsters. It resembles a slower paced action of the classic arcade game Gauntlet. We need to choose a protagonist (they are all people, they all look alike), then go in some kind of pyramid or an ancient temple, where the space is teeming with a variety of creatures that need to be destroyed in order to get a chance to move on. Generally speaking, zombies - and even several species - are among the enemies, but, besides them, there are many other types of enemies: aggressive bats, demonic women, some blue-skinned bald men and so on. The outlook is entirely in top-down view; The character is armed with a hand-held cannon, apparently with an infinite ammunition, and soon will be able to find other weapons. However, it is very problematic to fire (and generally move) diagonally in this game, whereas monsters most often run towards you in this way. However, as you can see soon after the start of the game, you can send a foe to a better world, even if you shoot in the opposite direction - but in this situation the protagonist's health will suffer. There are bonuses replenishing health; there are, finally, several "lives", and after losing one, the hero is restored in the same place in which he died. The size of the levels, as a rule, are not very large; in the initially unreachable (covered with bony lattices) their areas can be hit by collecting key bonuses (in rare cases they fall out of strong monsters), to move to the next level you need to enter a blue area resembling a swampy liquid - this is a teleporter. In the process of wandering, you can find a number of bonuses, temporarily giving some special abilities: for example, invulnerability (the character is surrounded by yellow rotating rings) or acceleration (it should be noted that by default you do not move quickly). Graphics are by no means the worst, but for the time of the release of the game, probably already frankly outdated. The levels are extremely monotonous, the effects, if any, look funny at best.
ISO Demo + Install code 483MB (uploaded by

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