Dead Mist: Last Stand Sergio Castillo 2018

Early Access Release A wave based, First Person Shooter, Horror game. You play as a soldier, who's duty is to defend the supplies of the camp at all costs. In the middle of the night, you are awakened by a strange sound. Something is coming. Killing zombies will give you points to buy weapons, replenish ammo, and repair your barricades. Around the Camp tent, you can find various weapons, and ammo that you can buy in exchange for points. Features: 10 different zombies; First Person perspective. Weapons: M1911 Pistol; AK-47 (1,000 points) / Ammo (200 points); G3 Assault Rifle (1,000 points) / Ammo (200 points); M1014 Shotgun (1,000 points) / Ammo (300 points); M40A3 Sniper Rifle ( 1,500 points) / Ammo (300 points). You will have to face fast zombies that are deadly and agile, as well as slower, stronger zombies that can grab you, and tear your flesh. How to win the game? Shoot them in the head.
Download: None currently available

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